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Emma Schensson, Edlingska gården, water-colour, Upplandsmuseet


This charming building with its lovely garden has a history that goes back to the Middle Ages.

The cellar is dated to the late 15th or possibly early 16th century and the records tell us that a pistol maker lived here in the 17th century. Therefore the block has been named The Pistol after him. In 1809 this building, as well as the surrounding ones, were destroyed by fire.

Eventually two new houses were built on the lot and in 1854 they were joined into the present building. From the very beginning it has been the home of prominent city and university civil servants and of students up in the attic.

The building has got its name from its last private owner, district judge Nils Edling, who owned it from 1920 to 1965, when it was sold to Uppsala University.